"Nothing Special" or Al


It was so skinny… it looked sick…  —Helena Handbasket

It was An actor Andy Hired to be himself.  —Jackie Foster

It was beautifully adorned, an angel.  —Tussi


Nothing Special Film

In the summer of 1987, a cardboard box tumbled from the drop ceiling of room #217 at the Chelsea Hotel, and an enigma was born to the world: a forgotten Warhol Superstar.  Ally, Ellroy, Ellery, Allison, A1, Al … so many names but no concrete identity.  "Nothing Special" was everywhere in the box, a lost time capsule from the Factory, circa 1967—yet always slightly hidden. With no timeline for Nothing Special’s life before or after his/her arrival in New York, and no indication of exactly when he/she appeared on the Warhol scene, we have only the recollections of the Warhol crowd to decipher what for lack of a better descriptor we have to refer to as It.

Nothing Special, a quandary personified, is the focus of our project and the new darling of Warhol Scholars around the world.  Without a doubt, our work here is only a beginning.

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