Louisa "Jackie" Foster

Jackie A B

Louisa "Jackie" Foster arrived in New York in 1965 in hopes of becoming a model, but Jackie was 5'6 7/8th, too short.   A gifted mimic, Jackie swiftly lost her Midwestern twang, and worked her way into New York Society by assuming the identity of coffee heiress, Jacqueline Maxwell (there were already several coffee heiresses on the New York circuit).  She met Andy when she crashed Lester Persky's Factory party The Fifty Most Beautiful People.   Andy, upon meeting her, wondered if she should have been on the list.  She replied yes.  He invited her back to the Factory for a screentest.

She was soon found to be less than the Coffee Empire princess she passed herself off as when her brother, Happy, arrived at the Martha Washington hotel looking for Louisa.  The desk girl, when shown a picture, laughed and told Hap, "Oh, you're looking for Jackie."

Jackie remained in the orbit of the factory for the next year.  She was scheduled to star with Joe Dallesandro in a film project entitled "Scorcher," but didn't appear for the shoot, and was not seen at the Factory again.  

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