Gerald "Powder" Huber


Powder, 1965, in Annie Get Your Fix

Powder (1944-1982) was a puck-ish sprite whose gossamer complexion and girlish light blond hair caught Andy Warhol’s eye. Many at the factory had been dealt the dusty blow of Powder. He found his harmless but annoying accessory—baby powder—while working on the set of Warhol films, which occasionally employed the dust for atmosphere. 

Powder, Gerald Huber, arrived in New York City in 1964, bringing nothing from his native Pennsylvania but his vast collection of Broadway musical albums. Powder spent the little money he had to see Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl and often broke into "Don’t Rain on My Parade." For most of 1964, he lived in an abandoned Ford Thunderbird on Avenue D. The car was overflowing with crayons, watercolors, and magic markers that neighborhood kids had left. These raw materials started Powder on a street portrait business. The Thunderbird was towed, and Powder moved to a room at the Sunrise Motel on the Bowery. 

One night in 1965, Powder followed a group of groovy kids into a freight elevator that opened onto the Factory and superstardom. Andy loved Powder’s "white on white" look and asked him to sit for a screen test.

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