Ramona "Flower" Adler


1965.  Madison Avenue.

Ramona Adler tossed her cigarette and scraped her four-inch heel on the curb.  She had stepped in gum again. She laughed it off, like everything else. It was her laughter that got her out of her small town routine in Arkansas and into the vibrant city of New York.  She had far too much energy to stay in middle America, so her parents gave her a flower—she'd wear one from that day on—and sent her on her way.

Ramona sighed: she had to be back at her cosmetics counter in ten minutes. As she scraped the gum off her heel, a man told her to watch out for "gum and shit."  The man, Andy Warhol, then invited her to a party. 

Ramona, in her time at the factory, worked to produce text and other writings for Warhol.  She remained in the position until 1969, when, at Rose Café, she met novelist Ralph Ember, with whom she fell in love and married. Warhol attended her wedding in Palm Springs, and would meet Ramona, often at Rose Café, until his death in 1987.

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