Natalie "Tussi" Souza

Tussi A B

Tussi's given name was Natalie Souza, but no one from the Factory knew that. She went by the name Tussi. Tussi originally came from a small village in Brazil, where she was the prettiest girl for hundreds of miles. While living in Paris through the 1960s, she had heard about Andy Warhol's factory in New York City; and as a natural drifter, she drifted towards the Factory sans her husband. 

Tussi found her way to the Silver Factory and sat for a screen test. Warhol quickly fell in love with Tussi’s charm, striking appearance, and constant exaggeration. She always had her makeup done perfectly and her hair was always perfectly coiffed. Warhol would comment on how jealous he was of Tussi’s fruity scent, which she claimed was natural. He would say that she was the best smelling girl he had ever met. 

It was Tussi who initially introduced Warhol to his mysterious love. Naturally talkative, Tussi chatted up this individual while at a bar in the Village and immediately introduced Warhol. 

Just six months later, Tussi mysteriously disappeared; she'd run out of cash and returned to her husband in Paris. 

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